Society Committed to Human Rights - Registered Charity

Basic health care for uninsured people without
documentation in the area of Bocholt.

The advice and the treatment are anonymous and free.

Consulting hours for people in need of help:

Every Saturday from 10.30 to 12.30 except for Saturdays that are Bank Holiday

Kreuzstraße 20, 46395 Bocholt

Or by telephone appointment
The advice and the possible treatment are anonymous and free.

People living in Germany without documentation and health insurance avoid going to doctors‘ surgeries and hospitals for they fear discovery by the authorities and extradition. There are also uninsured people ashamed of their poverty.

In the Bocholt area there are also uninsured people without documentation who need low-level health care and medical treatment. It is these people that the „Society committed to Human Rights – Registered Charity“ wants to help by providing opportunities for treating chronic and acute illnesses at a GP level.

„Man‘s dignity is inviolable“ (Art. 1 of the German Constitution)

It is this purpose  that our society has been founded for.

Our goals:

  • To set up local support facilities for people without health insurance and documentation
  • Suggestions and advice for working within the health, the social and the legal networks
  • To offer people information and advice
  • Support and advice for voluntary helpers and specialists in close cooperation with doctors, experts and nurses
  • To increase the public awareness about the need to guarantee health care for the uninsured
  • To provide financial support for the uninsured in the event of insufficient finance

Your support to achieve these aims is requested.

Please, become involved either professionally or idealistically according to your personal wishes:

  • Either through participation
  • Or through active or passive membership
  • Or by donations